By Michael Meredith and David DeGooyer

A study of life expectancy across different races/ethnicities and sexes revealed that rates were disproportionate.

Data show that Chicago’s African American community has the lowest life expectancy out of the race/ethnicity data reported, while Hispanic people have the highest. In 2010, on average, Hispanic Chicagoans lived 12 years longer than Black Chicagoans.

This graphic can alternatively be viewed here.

Although Black Chicagoans have had the lowest life expectancy between 1990 to 2010, the number has steadily risen from 68 years of age in 1990, to 72 in 2010.

Data suggests that cardiovascular diseases could…

The Coronavirus pandemic has affected our lives in various ways. It’s ubiquitously covered in the media and is heavily discussed among coworkers or loved ones. But have you felt that even though this pandemic is everywhere, you’re still not well-informed enough?

Luckily, there’s an infographic that provides a brief collection of essential information in regards to COVID-19, which even includes tips to prevent contracting the virus. You can also easily save and share the following infographic with others to catch them up to speed with the pandemic, too.

Sources: Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Research Center, CDC, PEW Research Center, Bureau of Labor Statistics, Trading Economics

The infographic can alternatively be viewed here.

The infographic first includes some…

Chicago is a big city with plenty of streets. And with plenty of streets, that means there’ll be plenty of speed cameras and red-light cameras posted around the city to encourage drivers to drive safely.

Below this paragraph lies an interactive map that pinpoints all of the locations of every speed and red-light camera in Chicago. On the map, the city is divided into its community areas (by color), which are very similar to Chicago’s neighborhoods.

The interactive map can alternatively be viewed here, and the speed and red light camera data can be viewed here and here.


After Americans tuned in to watch the 2020 vice presidential debate between Mike Pence and Kamala Harris on Oct. 7, 2020, much of what was discussed in regards to the debate was about Mike Pence’s eye discoloration and the fly on his head.

Immediately after the debate, the fly on Pence’s head was trending on Twitter, which shifted the conversation from the candidate’s policies and responses to the fly. Viewers also couldn’t help but notice the red discoloration on Pence’s left eye, which they referred to as a ‘pink eye.’

But before we discuss the fly and Pence’s ‘pink eye,’…

On Sunday, October 11th, 2020, the Los Angles Lakers won the NBA championship against the Miami Heat, with a score of 106–93. This victory marks the Lakers’ fourth championship win, which also made LeBron James a 4-time NBA champion.

LeBron James is one of the most famous basketball players of all-time. He is, of course, very famous because he plays extraordinarily well. And because he plays well, he has been (and remains) the highest-earning player on his team.

The pie chart above lists the Los Angeles Lakers’ player salaries (in USD) for the 2020–2021 season. In the ‘other’ section…

Quinn fights to preserve the MAP Grant, a grant that supports more than 150,000 college students nationally.

Gov. Pat Quinn talks about MAP grants at DePaul University. (Photo/Bob Smith)

Editor’s note: This story was originally posted on Dec. 12, 2012 and is housed at

By Bob Smith

Gov. Pat Quinn visited DePaul University’s Loop campus on Wednesday to discuss how pension reform is harming the Monetary Award Program (MAP) college scholarships and access to higher education in Illinois.

“This is so important to our state, not only in the past, but certainly now and in the future,” Quinn said. …

Michael Meredith

Student studying Communication at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

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